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Online Driver's Education
State required 30 hour online drivers ed course, user friendly, self paced, unlimited logins
California DMV Permit Test Practice Questions
Practice for your driver's License or driver's permit test. Take practice tests with questions from actual permit tests. You can try as many times as you desire. Over 400 questions from actual tests so you can pass the first time around.
California Online Traffic School Course - $35.00
DMV Licensed Online Traffic School Course, #E1766 - No Refunds. - PROGRAM IS NOT 100% COMPATIBLE ON TABLETS, IPADS, OR SMART PHONES - The online course runs on all major operating systems (windows/android/macos) and browsers which are updated to most current versions. PROGRAM CONSISTS OF 11 TIMED MODULES (YOU MUST MEET OR EXCEED EACH MODULES TIME REQUIREMENT - timer clock is located on the top of the page), FOLLOWED BY A 25 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION FINAL. HELPFUL FINAL EXAM HINT: In preparation for the final exam, take notes during the course and pay special attention to information involving percentages or numbers (ex. statistics, "x" feet, "x" days, etc.). IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF AN ANSWER DURING THE FINAL EXAM, CLICK THE "LOOK IT UP" ICON NEXT TO THE QUESTION FOR ASSISTANCE.